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Funkagenda – Shinjuku (Original Mix and Michael Woods Remix)

Funkagenda’s “Shinjuku” is a spooky, complex deep house thumper that probably won’t get you fist-pumping because it isn’t meant to. The intricate original mix is eerily reminiscent of Deadmau5’s “Aural Psynapse” — not because of the track’s technical elements, but rather because of the surreal feeling it evokes. With staccato synths, yawning lower-end frequencies, sufficiently ethereal chanting, and an oddly comforting bassline, “Shinjuku’s” second break shouldn’t be missed. If tech-trance-deep-progressive was a genre, this would be it.

Funkagenda – Shinjuku (Original Mix)

Michael Woods takes the schizophrenic melody and adds classic progressive house chords, a brief trip-hop drum sample, and a huge big-room break followed by a wobble that sounds a little like Deadmau5’s ” Cthulhu Sleeps.” (We apologize for all the mau5 references. No prizes for guessing what we were listening to last night).

Funkagenda – Shinjuku (Michael Woods Remix)

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