Ian Carey & Rosette ft. Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia (Various Mixes)

Ian Carey and Rosette team up with Timbaland (you should know who he is) and Brasco to create a hard hitting electro pop tune called “Amnesia.” The drop features a few of the standard bleeps that were part of the quintessential Dutch house track in the early part of 2010. There are a ton of remixes in this package, but a few of the notables are Cazzette, Ziggy Stardust, and Firebeatz renditions. Let’s go through them below, but first listen to the original version.

Ian Carey & Rosette ft. Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia (Club Mix)

Firebeatz recently came out with “Funky Shit,” which has been dropped countless times throughout various DJs live sets. They have set the bar high with their previous productions and do not fail to impress with their remix of “Amnesia.” The chopped up vocals and pulsing bassline are suitable for a club atmosphere and some excessive fist pumping.

Ian Carey & Rosette ft. Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia (Firebeatz Remix)

Ziggy Stardust really brings the everything and the kitchen sink into this remix. The build up reminds us a little bit of Alesso’s remix of “Titanium.” We’ve heard a lot of uplifting progressive recently, however, this resonates with the Dancing Astronaut crew a little better than most tracks we’ve heard. Ziggy, you’ve done it.

Ian Carey & Rosette ft Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia (Ziggy Stardust Remix)

Cazzette’s meteoric rise up the EDM ranks has been quite astounding. Look back and think for a second if you can name another group or artist that has come out of nowhere to become one of the top 5 most celebrated artists of their respective genre? These guys really know how to produce dubstep and they also have creative ways of naming their remixes. These guys are just multi-talented.

Ian Carey & Rosette ft Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia (CAZZETTE Another Sugar Hunt Mix)

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