Jacques Lu Cont – Church (Original Mix)Jacques Lu Cont

Jacques Lu Cont – Church (Original Mix)

These days everyone with a MacBook, a pair of headphones, and a cracked version of Ableton calls themselves a producer.  By that logic then, my relatively short career playing soccer in Highschool must mean that I am a soccer player — when in reality I was an un-athletic shlub who rode the bench for 3 years. It’s sad but true that many of dance music’s current fans didn’t know who Jacques Lu Cont was when they saw him at Swedish House Mafia at MSG (chances are they didn’t see him at all because they were too busy pregaming outside the venue.)

Well for those of you who are uninformed, now is your chance to get acquainted with Stuart Price, or Les Rythmes Digitales, or Thin White Duke, or Paper Faces or Jacques Lu Cont. Whatever moniker he chooses to go under, one thing remains the same – the man responsible for producing tracks for the Killers and Madonna (rumor has it he worked on some of her new tracks set to debut this Sunday at the Superbowl) –  is a production phenom, in our opinion, second only to Eric Prydz.

If “Reload” and now “Church” are any indication, his 2012 comeback is going to be a thing to behold – long live the Thin White Duke.

Via: SoundCloud (TRACQUES)