Kid Massive, Sam Obernik, & Jay Colin – Yawn (Original Mix and Remixes)

Don’t let the title of this track fool you… Kid Massive’s new single “Yawn” is anything but a lullaby. It’s a springy, big room house tune engineered for crossover appeal, boasting sexy, sassy Sam Obernik vocals and a Tinie Tempah-esque verse from Dutch MC Jay Colin. Obernik, who lent her voice to the dance classic “Just Won’t Do” is the real star here. She mocks all the excess of the music biz – “Champagne, limousines, gold, money, diamonds, yawn!” she croons in the chorus – with infectious attitude and energy. Have a listen to the original below, and click past the break for the David Tort, Vandalism, and Silcox & Eyes remixes.

Kid Massive, Sam Obernik, & Jay Colin – Yawn (David Tort Remix)

Remix master David Tort puts a moodier, progressive beat behind Obernik’s vocals, slowly building from her a capella for maximum drama.

Kid Massive, Sam Obernik, & Jay Colin – Yawn (Vandalism Remix)

Vandalism’s remix is upbeat compared to the original, with some creative pitch-bending to keep its synths from sounding too dated.

Kid Massive, Sam Obernik, & Jay Colin – Yawn (Silcox & Eyes Remix)

And, for a totally different take, “Yawn” goes dubstep in the Silcox & Eyes remix. Of the remixes, it is no doubt the most inventive, allowing the song to keep its energy while still offering up tons of wobble and low-end bass.

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