Laidback Luke – Do The Robot (Original Mix)

After reaching 200,000 followers on Twitter (@LaidbackLuke), Laidback Luke released a new track for us to download called “Do The Robot.” The name of the song says it all – it is very robotic in nature. It’s almost as if Laidback Luke took a bunch of machines and made them grind on each other in some random club. Luke’s SoundCloud has been rather busy these days – he released the full version of “Dancin” yesterday and soon after (approximately 10 hours) gave us “Do The Robot.” If you need some craziness in your life – do yourself a favor and click play. If you aren’t crazy, but can appreciate good music – do yourself a favor and click play.

NOTE: In order to get the track go to Luke’s facebook page and click ‘like.’

Via: Twitter (LaidbackLuke)