Lunde Bros – If You Wanna / Knifeproblems (Original Mixes)Lunde Bros

Lunde Bros – If You Wanna / Knifeproblems (Original Mixes)

The Lunde Bros follow up their release of “Saga” with a two track package that includes “If You Wanna” and “Knifeproblems.” Both of these tunes will do excellent in a club setting; let’s dive into the details below.

Lunde Bros – If You Wanna (Original Mix)

“If You Wanna” is very simple in structure; it’s bass-heavy and features the familiar bleeps that were ubiquitous in clubs two years ago. The lyrics are attention-grabbing — their sole purpose is to build up the energy until the drop is unleashed. This track will┬ádefinitely┬ácause an adequate amount of commotion on a dance floor near you.

Lunde Bros – Knifeproblems (Original Mix)

The first term that comes to mind when describing “Knifeproblems” is “bouncy.” Amidst the craziness there are a few subtle distortions that take this track to a whole new level. The Lunde Bros threw us a curveball when they included pianos in the build-up, which reach full blast at 2:20. This is the type of track that would make Afrojack proud, and we hope to hear more from these guys in the future.

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