Pedro Henriques ft. Giuseppe Viola – Spread The Love (Digital Lab Remix)Pedro Henriques

Pedro Henriques ft. Giuseppe Viola – Spread The Love (Digital Lab Remix)

The duo that created “Tonight” is back at it again with the release of “Spread The Love.” This time around Digital Lab delivers the remix rather than being featured on the original. With the help of Palermo’s Giuseppe Viola vocals, we have a trio that is unbelievably talented. Digital Lab is known for his use of uplifting synths and boasts an array of tracks that are suitable for any club setting. “Spread The Love” is centered around a few powerful guitar riffs that really set the tone for the rest of the track. We feel as though Digital Lab is on a mission to make his mark in 2012, check out his recently released remix of Ming’s “Go All Night” for more proof.

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While the original mix doesn’t feature the kicking synths that the Digital Lab remix offers, it is still an excellent tune. Think of it like having a laid back version and a high energy remix. The vocals seem to have a more profound effect in the original mix so people who love Giuseppe’s voice may be partial to the original.

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