Pioneer Offers Limited Edition White CDJ 2000s and DJM 900Cdj2000wdjm900nswfront

Pioneer Offers Limited Edition White CDJ 2000s and DJM 900

When Pioneer originally unveiled its new line of CDJs and the DJM 900 Nexus, it was undeniably the talk of the DJ world. With ethernet connectivity and new displays on the CD players, plus revamped FX on the 900 with the X-Pad control, the list of upgrades to previous models were seemingly endless.

What Pioneer failed to mention though, was that less than a year later it would offer a visually stunning, limited edition run of white CDJ 2000s and DJM 900s. Starting in February, the company will release a total of 1,000 white CDJ 2000s and 500 white DJM 900s worldwide.

Each special edition mixer and player will be adorned with an engraved plaque that lists its individual serial number to indicate its authenticity and limited quantity.

For all the DJ-gear whores out there, this limited edition set is the stuff dreams are made of. Not only is it some of the best equipment on the market, but it’s a unique set that only 500 lucky people will get to call their own. For more information, visit Pioneer’s website, and make sure to check out the video below.