“Songs Worthy of Your Subwoofer #1”: Gabriel & Dresden vs. Francis Prève – Servo vs. ColossusServo Vs. Colossus Gabriel Dresden Vs. Francis Preve

“Songs Worthy of Your Subwoofer #1”: Gabriel & Dresden vs. Francis Prève – Servo vs. Colossus

You’re well on your way to a pretty enjoyable evening. The music has you moving, the vibe has you smiling, and you’ve miraculously managed to make your way through a conversation with someone you actually find attractive. Everything is going well, all things considered.

And then something horrible happens. One of your guests makes his/her way to your laptop, promising to show you the “awesome new song” s/he’s found somewhere on the Internet. The music is turned off. Agonizing moments pass as tracks buffer or download. You’re subjected to 72 seconds of a monotonous, unmixed beat. Then you hear the same cliched four-chord progression you’ve been hearing for the past year. There’s a vague whooshing sound, the beats converge, then a moment of silence followed by the dutiful, monotonous return of the beat. This kind of music is artificially happy. It has no real emotion, no fire, no passion behind it. It’s just an uninspired interpretation of the gorgeous original recipe that Eric Prydz perfected a long time ago. 

Your mood is ruined.

What if there was some sort of mechanism to avoid disasters like these?

Now there is. In the interest of our readers, we’re creating a new class of songs here at Dancing Astronaut. This new category will prevent disappoint, anguish, and anger. It will ensure that no one will ever ruin your party again. Ever. We’re talking, of course, about “Songs Worthy of Your Subwoofer.”

Subwoofers are unique and beautiful creatures. Sure, they can be cumbersome, temperamental, and occasionally obnoxious, but if you care for them, if you treat them with the love, attention, and respect they deserve, they will repay you. If you love your subwoofer, your subwoofer will love you right back. It (he? she?) will come through when you need it most. It will boom with the joy that you need when your place is packed with friends and energy, and the only sensible thing to do is to tickle some toes with beautiful bass.

There’s an important difference between Songs Worthy of Your Subwoofer and Dancing Astronaut Anthems. Anthem status is only awarded to songs that have dominated (or could potentially dominate) the festival and club scenes. Anthems become the soundtrack of the year. They’re the massive, big-room weapons with the power to rock the world’s biggest parties. Songs Worthy of Your Subwoofer, on the other hand, are decidedly more intimate. They’re the innovative, original gems you need to keep your party moving.

The first Song Worthy of Your Subwoofer is a collaboration between Francis Prève and the reunited Gabriel & Dresden. It’s the kind of intelligent, thoughtful work we expect from veterans of the dance scene. This track oozes class borne of years smashing dancefloors across the word. Dance music used to be about innovation and creativity, about surprising us with sounds so imaginative we didn’t even know they existed. This a return to that tradition, a prickly, annoyingly catchy journey that unwinds with deliberate ease. Dance music that makes you dance.

It’s certainly worthy of your subwoofer.

Gabriel & Dresden vs. Francis Prève – Servo vs. Colossus