Swedish House Mafia Masquerade Motel Miami tickets on sa… oh wait… bait and switch!

Those crazy Swedes have done it again. We anxiously waited at our computers this morning, refreshing MasqueradeMotel.com again and again, watching the clock tick down to zero… and then negative 1 minute… and then negative 5 minutes. Finally, we were greeted by the above video with a link to “Get Started!,” only to be taken to Swedish House Mafia’s Facebook page. Yes, we’re pissed too. This morning’s hype seems to be a ploy for Facebook friends, rather than the fateful sale of Masquerade Motel tickets. Actual tix will go on sale January 11th for the group’s Facebook fans, and January 13th for everyone else (but who isn’t their Facebook fan at this point?). We’ll keep you updated when we hear more – but for now, we’re pretty sure we all just got mind-fucked.