Techno fans rejoice: the Cadenza podcast is here!Luciano

Techno fans rejoice: the Cadenza podcast is here!

The new year is still very young, but it’s already shaping up to be a very good one. Every Wednesday, Cadenza Recordings will be offering a free podcast featuring a Cadenza artist or friend. The first episode is mixed by label boss, techno god, and Dancing Astronaut favorite Luciano — author of one of the greatest Essential Mixes in the history of the universe. After two successful seasons running the Vagabundos party on Sundays at Pacha Ibiza, it appears that Cadenza is ready to take its lovable, underground sound to a global audience. Any techno fan can tell you that minimal music is better music —  especially when it’s done with Luciano’s signature style.

The podcast features two separate mixes: cycle and source. While we haven’t been briefed on the official differences between the two, a cursory listen will tell you that they’re very, very different. The cycle mix is everything we’ve come to expect from Cadenza. Expertly crafted, it’s a smooth, rhythmic journey that creatively incorporates simple melodies and Latin beats with elements from jazz and funk. The source mix, on the other hand, is much more open-ended, and includes classical songs and down-tempo tracks.

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