The one and only Quintino talks about 2012, the power of Twitter, and Sin CityQuintino

The one and only Quintino talks about 2012, the power of Twitter, and Sin City

DA was able to sit down with Quintino right after his release of “We Gonna Rock” to talk about 2012, Twitter, and the influence of Vegas. Not only does it seem as if Q has big plans, he already taken the initiative to get the wheels churning with a ton of new stuff in the works. We look forward to see what tricks the Musical Freedom team has in store and how high Quintino will move up the DJing ranks this year. Read the full interview after the jump.

DA: 2012 has been extremely productive thus far. You’ve released “The One And Only” and now “We Gonna Rock.” Is there anything you’ve got up your sleeve for the rest of the year that we should know about?
Q: Yeah, I’m so excited about 2012! I can’t wait to reveal all the things I got! I just finished a remix for J. Lo, Mick Jagger & Will.I.Am. Also I recently signed a new release to Wall Recordings called “Circuits” that will be released really soon, along with a remix for Spencer & Hill so on and so forth! Get ready for a big year of Quintino music!
DA: While traveling to gigs – what is the one thing you cannot live without?
Q: I can’t live without my gadgets, especially my laptop. I can work on it everywhere and would be completely lost without it! Vitamin water also keeps me energized through the day… it’s better than Sprite and tastes better than water!
DA: Being a relatively young guy, what do you do with your free time? (Partying isn’t a valid choice – you do that for a living!)
Q: Haha, thats a hard one. I’m doing like, 200 gigs a year and also making new stuff.  My life revolves around gigs and new music preparations, sleep, travel and other gigs. When I have some free time I love to play on the Xbox – MW3 or PES. Who dares me to play?
DA: The rise in house music has been quite astonishing over the last few years. In your opinion, what country would be the “house capital of the world?” Why?
Q: I follow the well-known line: “If it ain’t Dutch it ain’t much.” I’m so proud of all the DJs coming out pf our country: Tiesto, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn, Ferry Corsten, Laidback Luke, and so many more! I hope I can add something to that list with my music.
DA: You and Vegas. Please explain.
Q: It’s like falling in love at first sight! The energy, the city and the vibe all come together perfectly in Vegas. The moment you arrive and get off the plane you know that the night will be unforgettable. Every time I’ve been there it has been one of my best gigs. I hope to be back soon!
DA: What production software do you use? Are there any plug ins and VSTs you love?
Q: I’m using Logic, I always work with a lot of people around me! My favourite VST must be the Sylenth1!
DA: What are your favorite mobile apps? Which ones do you use on a regular basis?
Q: Cell phones are a big part of life, a really cool app is Shazaam! If you play really new tracks it’s funny to see all the people looking through Shazaam for the name! If the track is out they know it’s the new Quintino, or the new Tiesto, etc. My all time favorite app is Fruit Ninja…I can kill fruit all day with a vinger twist :)
DA: Who is the most entertaining DJ you follow on Twitter?
Q: That’s Diplo! He is always on top of it with his crazy tweets. They keep me interested every time! Everybody should follow him. Laidback Luke is the DJ with the most tweets, he replies to almost everyone and he is a really great guy.
DA: Describe the “Quintino” sound in under 10 words. Ready, set, go!
Q: Energetic, refreshing, hard, loud, and in your face!
DA: If there is one vocalist you could work with, who would it be?
Q: That’s easy!  It would be Sia, she has such an amazing voice and I loved her last album! So hook me up people! You would make me a happy man….
DA: “SELECTA!!!!??” (Answer optional.)
Q: The One And Only Epic Raider is Gonna Rock 2012!

Pick up your copy of “We Gonna Rock” on Beatport. Special thanks to Quintino and Musical Freedom. You guys rock!