Zedd — Stars Come Out (Lazy Rich Remix) [Preview]Lazy Rich

Zedd — Stars Come Out (Lazy Rich Remix) [Preview]

In 2011, Lazy Rich established himself as one of the biggest names in the electro house genre. He released massive originals such as “You Missed A Spot,” and “Better Wipe That Up,” and transformed Felguk’s “Blow Out,” and Chris Lake’s “Sundown” into tracks of his own.

To keep that momentum going in the new year, the Canadian producer has kicked off 2012 by remixing “Stars Come Out,” putting his unique spin on Zedd’s electro-poppy vocal single.

Lazy Rich’s formula for producing massive remixes was definitely implemented on this track, as he infuses his big trance synths under the vocal, adds layers of extra melodies, and creates an energy that will have dance floors writhing with anticipation for the drop.

Staying true to form, the drop is a hard-hitting myriad of sound that blends super-processed bass tones, vocal chops, and elements from the original melody.

While “Stars Come Out” has been a staple in my set lists lately, as soon as this remix is released, you can guarantee that the original mix will be replaced. Check out the track preview below.

Via: Soundcloud (Lazy Rich)