Adrian Lux ft. Lune – Fire (Various Remixes)DSC 3000

Adrian Lux ft. Lune – Fire (Various Remixes)

Adrian Lux’s latest single “Fire” gets a variety of remixes from all different spectrums of the EDM world. R3hab, Jeremy Olander, Mikael Weermets, and Style Of Eye all give us quality renditions each exhibiting their own unique style. Let’s dive into the details after the break.

Adrian Lux ft. Lune – Fire (Jeremy Olander Remix)

Jeremy Olander gives us an almost Eric Prydz-esque rundown of “Fire.” It’s spiritual and soft feel is mesmerizing. In the beginning it’s almost tough to identify this as a remix of Adrian Lux’s single. Lune’s voice gets masked by the heavy bassline towards the end, but it’s alright because Jeremy does a damn good job of making this version appealing.

Adrian Lux ft. Lune – Fire (Mikael Weermets ‘Fire In The Hole’ Remix)

You never know what you are going to get with Mikael Weermets. He can create progressive tunes to straight up electro fire, this remix lays somewhere in between. Our favorite part of this remix is when the build up kicks in and Lune is chirping the lyrics. Fast forward to 3:02 to get more than just a few goosebumps.

Adrian Lux ft. Lune – Fire (Style Of Eye Remix)

Insert wobbles, heavy bass, and a few more unidentifiable noises and you get an all-over-the-place remix courtesy of Style Of Eye. Lune’s voice gets chipmunked in the background of certain areas in the remix. Big speakers should do this one some justice.

Adrian Lux – Fire (R3hab Remix)

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