Arty brings the flambeaux to Ruby Skye SF, 2.17.2012: 5 tracks that drove the crowd wild

Arty brings the flambeaux to Ruby Skye SF, 2.17.2012: 5 tracks that drove the crowd wild

Normally when DJs come out with Essential Mixes we expect their next show to be virtually identical to the setlist that was played on BBC Radio 1. While Arty did play almost everything on his Essential Mix, he also was behind the decks for approximately 1.5 hours longer than the length of the mix. We’ve covered a million shows, but it is safe to say that no one has the variety that Arty possesses — the man drops trance, progressive house, electro, and dubstep and seamlessly transitions through all different styles.

Arty even brought his girlfriend (who we believe to be “Kate”) along for the ride. Which begs us to ask — is there any bigger turn on than having an entire club chant your name and cling to your every reaction? The energy and comfortability that Arty has on stage surpasses someone of his age, the guy was simply made for putting on a show. Even around 3 AM (for those of you that don’t know, California clubs usually close at 2 AM. This is considered ‘late’ for us’) every person was loving life. Click past the break to see the 5 tracks that garnered the biggest crowd reaction (ranked in order of “bigness”).

DSC 4444

5. Arty & Mat Zo – Mozart (Original Mix)

This has been one of the biggest releases thus far in 2012, however, the real reason this drove the crowd wild was because it was the first track played by Arty himself. Not only was everyone in a frenzy just from glancing at the youngsters face, but dropping a highly noticeable tracked just increased the euphoria.

4. Knife Party – Internet Friends (Original Mix)

“You blocked me on Facebook, and now you are going to die.” Enough said.

DSC 4335

3. Eric Prydz – 2Night w/ Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab – Breaking Ties

Arty straddles the line between progressive house and trance. We would even go as far to say that he is the face of the “trouse” movement currently. Not too mention that Eric and the boys from Above & Beyond are among the biggest hitters in the game. This is big on your headphones, but exponentially larger live.

2. Pendulum – The Island (Steve Angello, Max Vangeli, AN21 Remix)

This song has been out for what seems like eternity, but it never gets old. The reason why this causes such craziness is because it is the ultimate sing along tune. Watching everyone get into it still gives us goosebumps.

DSC 3991

1. D-Mad – She Gave Happiness (Arty Remix) w/ Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Sun And Moon

Above & Beyond has a huge following in San Francisco, so it is no surprise that when Richard Bedford’s voice kicked in people were going wild. This is the type of stuff that makes you love what house music is all about.

Check out more photos from Arty’s Mardi Gras party at Ruby Skye on Dancing Astronaut’s Facebook.

Photo Credit: Skyler Greene