Avicii featured in Bud Light Super Bowl ad, mixes business with pleasure

We can say things like “EDM has gone mainstream” until we’re blue in the face, but honestly, this is on a whole different level. Rumors have been swirling of an Avicii Super Bowl commercial, and the leaked Bud Light Platinum Lager ad below confirms that the Swede will be getting some airtime during today’s game. Not only is “Levels” the soundtrack to the ad which focuses on mixing business with pleasure, but Tim himself is seen spinning at the hipster loft it’s set in. It’s completely insane how fast Avicii has risen in the past year, and it’s even more amazing that such a huge company like Anheuser-Busch was avant garde enough to put him in its ad. Still, we’re thrilled to see Tim getting the recognition he deserves, and it just might be the secret weapon to get young people drinking this beer.


Inside Avicii’s impressive Los Angeles mansion

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