Bingo Players – L’Amour (Original Mix) [Preview]

Sometimes a track just leaves you completely speechless – and as we sat here desperately trying to come up with some novel way of describing the pure aural sex that is “L’Amour” – we realized that this was one of those times.

Everything the Bingo Players have done in the last year has found a permanent home on our computers and in our heads – their ability to create simple yet infectious beats is unmatched.  As die hard Daft Punk fans, the “Robot Rock”-esque beat brings us back to the days when Alive 2007 was the only thing we listened to for months on end.

We think “L’Amour” could be the best Bingo Players track to date. February 20th cannot come soon enough — we need this track now.

Via: Facebook (Bingo Players)