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Can’t wait for Anjunadeep 04? Here’s a little teaser

It can’t be easy to run an imprint — particularly when your parent label is arguably the finest outfit in trance music. For Anjunadeep, however, the whole music industry thing seems to come remarkably easily. Anjunabeats’ little sister continues to excite with its latest offering, Anjunadeep 04 — scheduled to drop on February 27. The package consists of two separate mixes: one by Australian veteran Jaytech, the other by James Grant (the imprint’s A&R supremo and brother of Above & Beyond’s Jono). But why, you might ask, should you care?

You should care if you’re deeply in love with Anjuna’s trademark evocativeness, but you’re also in love with the gorgeous, sonorous rumble of deep house. If you’re looking for music that’s more danceable than dreamy, but still maintains the requisite level of melodic sadness, then this might be the album for you. We haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but we have made our way through the mini-mixes supplied by Jaytech and James Grant. While the former was a little underwhelming, the latter was spectacular. Grant’s track selection is delightful, leaning heavily on the work of Andrew Bayer, whose It’s Artificial EP brought us some serious joy last year.

Listen to James Grant’s Anjunadeep 04 mini-mix below, and let us know what you think.

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