Damian William – Fractal (Original Mix)Damian William

Damian William – Fractal (Original Mix)

Damian William first popped on our radar after the release of “Essence” alongside Marco V. A few months later we were incredibly impre

ssed with “Russian Doll.” Needless to say, we knew “Fractal” was going to be 5:32 of pure uninterrupted fun. Damian has a unique style about him, it’s almost as if he picks and chooses qualities from other artists and then combines them into one production to create some serious power. “Fractal” exhibits the same spring as Deniz Koyu’s “Tung,” but has the same steam gun sound that has been a big part of Hard Rock Sofa’s identity. Expect big things from Mr. William in the near future — we think he will live up to all the lofty expectations we have for him.

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