Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects – Walking Alone (Arty Remix)DSC 4054

Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects – Walking Alone (Arty Remix)

This youngster has just signed a residency with Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas, dropped an incredible essential mix (one that I’ve personally listened to 10+ times), and now he gives us his long anticipated “Walking Alone” remix.

Arty’s style encompasses trance and progressive house — his music is accessible to a wide array of dance music fans. EVERYONE falls in love with his crisp production style and he has such a wide array of skills that he can literally produce anything — we assure you that Arty will never develop a reputation for producing the ‘same old.’  If you compare and contrast his past work; “Kate,” “Mozart,” and “Rebound,” you will notice differences that will keep you coming back and begging for more.

Via: Facebook (Phazing Records)

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