Get ready for an Anjunagasm: the full lineup for #GroupTherapyMiami is here

On Thursday, March 22nd, Above & Beyond will be joined by Arty, Mat Zo, Jaytech and Boom Jinx for an Anjunabeats trancetravaganza that’s guaranteed to melt your heart and stir your soul. If you’ve never seen the phenomenon that we know as A&B perform, we’re begging you to buy a ticket. This is the┬áparty of Miami for trance fans. 22 year-old Arty and 21 year-old Mat Zo are perhaps the most exciting young names in the genre, while Jaytech and Boom Jinx will bring the polished class we expect of established veterans. It’s a night that promises many smiles, a few tears, and some very, very good vibes. And for 35 bucks, it’s one hell of a deal.

Via: PlexiPR