Go Behind The Scenes With Pierce Fulton From The Mid Chicago To Pacha NYC

Budding superstar, Pierce Fulton, is now embarking on a career path that is soon to take off in a big way. With an array of releases under his belt (think: “Pardon My French EP,” “What Happens In Vegas” and his latest tune “Who Wants Spaghetti?“) he has set the foundation to become an excellent producer and contributor to the world of house music for decades to come. At the young age of 19 he has many years to not only develop his skills in the studio, but gain the following that he truly deserves.

In the video above, you go behind the scenes with Pierce and Griff (his brother) to his first show at Pacha NYC. There are a few things you can determine after watching:

1) Pierce has got a great head on his shoulders. Even at a young age, he keeps everything in perspective while remaining objective. This is nice to see in an industry driven by huge ego’s and unwanted politics.

2) Even in the wee hours of the morning, the Pacha dancefloor was filled and thumping. Imagine what he could do in the near future with a headlining gig?

3) Writing music is his passion, and Pierce happens to compose the purest form of house music. Something tells us that we won’t have to worry about Pierce dating Paris Hilton or falling off the map completely (ahem, Bob Sinclar).

You can catch Pierce this weekend at XS Las Vegas opening for Tiesto on Super Bowl Eve (Saturday), in a show that is undoubtedly going to sell out. If you can’t make it there — all the Astronauts will be present at his performance in San Francisco on March 17th at Vessel Ultralounge. Dancing Astronaut has given you fair warning to hop on the bandwagon now, or be left in the dust when Pierce absolutely blows up. Needless to say, we will save a few seats for you.

Pierce Fulton Tour Dates (located below):
Feb 4th: XS, Las Vegas w/ Tiesto
Feb 9th: Lima, Washington, DC (Tickets)
Feb 17th: Voyeur, San Diego
March 2: Snowball Festival, Avon, CO (Tickets)
March 7: Electro Beach, Puerto Vallarta, MX w/ Laidback Luke (Tickets)
March Vessel, San Francisco, CA