Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch – Ass Back Home (Ken Loi Remix) (Preview)

We have to be honest: we had never heard the original “Ass Back Home” when we got wind of this Ken Loi remix. It’s typical Top 40 fare: generic rapping and a sugary-sweet Neon Hitch chorus over a reggae-infused beat. Nothing special, and certainly nothing we’d ever feature on DA. But any track with Ken’s name attached to it deserves a listen, and we’re glad we gave his “Ass Back Home” remix a chance. As usual, the piano melody is flawless, and a big build sets up a euphoric drop. The remix is a perfect way to introduce your musically-challenged friends to Ken’s considerable progressive house talents. Check out the preview below and pick up the full remix on Fueled by Ramen Records February 14th.

Via: Facebook (Ken Loi Official)