LMFAO crashes Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, premieres new mashupMadonna Lmfao

LMFAO crashes Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, premieres new mashup

Madonna began her half-time procession with all the necessary pomp: legions of sculpted Trojan warriors, their accouterments encrusted with gold and glitz, pulled her mammoth platform to the stage. She emerged in a golden robe, quickly shed for a plated skirt, and appeared ready to do battle.

But what Twitterverse is already exploding about is the simultaneous pairing of LMFAO and the pop queen in performance. It was almost absurd; Madonna straddling the shoulders of a zebra-clad (and similarly skirted) Redfoo, both with perfect poise. But they seem to have pulled it off. The beginnings of LMFAO’s ubiquitous “Party Rock Anthem” emerged, layered atop Madonna’s “Music” in a pop-friendly mashup.

We noted earlier that Avicii’s inclusion┬áin the Bud Light Platinum commercial marked a paradigm shift in the way EDM artists appeared in the mainstream. Tim Bergling wouldn’t be the only EDM act the folks at Anheuser-Busch featured today. Viewers of another of Bud Light’s half-time commercials saw LMFAO featured in a similar way, in a different commercial.