Marco V – Analogital (Bassjackers & Hard Rock Sofa Remixes)Hardrocksofa

Marco V – Analogital (Bassjackers & Hard Rock Sofa Remixes)

There are instances where original versions of tracks are solid, but the remixes take them to a whole different level. This is one of those instances. The Bassjackers and Hard Rock Sofa managed to put a few twists and turns to create two certified club destroyers. If you have taken a liking to fist pumping, big drops, and craziness then you’ll love these two tracks. If you don’t like these things…actually — let’s not even go there.

Marco V – Analogital (Bassjackers Remix)

Add a little “Mush, Mush” to any track and it instantly makes it 25 (or more)% better. This is a fact and cannot be disputed. These Dutch bros just know how to produce, it was ingrained in their soul at a young age. Click play and get messy at your earliest convenience.

Marco V – Analogital (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)

You’re probably sitting at home thinking “man the Bassjackers killed it,” then you start listening to Hard Rock Sofa’s rendition and you don’t know what hit you. Fast forward to about 3 minutes into the track, Hard Rock Sofa has one of those “What the Hell? I own you” moments where they literally decide to crush it for the rest of the tune.

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