Paris Hilton delivers her rendition of Manufactured Superstars’ ‘Drunk Text,’ bizarre video included

“Drunk Text” is a Manufactured Superstars track that came out in late 2011, at which point it was recorded with vocals by Lea Luna. Now, however, a new video has popped up online showing Paris Hilton delivering the vocals as only she can. The video has since been pulled officially, but can still be found online. According to Brad Roulier of the Manufactured Superstars, the Paris-voiced version was “never supposed to come out,” so we’re not quite sure how Paris’ video came to be. Still, Paris is dating Afrojack and accompanying him to gigs, and he’s even producing her next album — so get used to Paris doing EDM. The “lyrics” are pretty horrible — “No one is safe in the Twittersphere any more” — while the track is a standard Ibiza-style background beat that lets Paris’ spoken-word performance steal the show. Honestly, we have nothing else to say. Just watch for yourselves below.

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