Tiesto ‘In The Booth’ episode 6 takes us to more European countries…and the bathroom

In episode 6 of Tiesto’s “In The Booth” series we travel around the world to the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, and the EDM holy land — Ibiza. Tiesto even takes us on what might be our most personal journey with him yet, a trip to the bathroom. If his humorous antics and generally humble demeanor haven’t already made you feel like a friend, then perhaps this will do the trick. As usual there are lots of lights, good music, screaming fans, and high octane energy but that isn’t our favorite part. The highlight of this installment is when Tiesto attempts to shoot an apple off his manager’s head when uncorking a champagne bottle. To see if the always entertaining Kelly Cobb gets to keep his head, click play on the video above.

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