Zedd – Stars Come Out (Remixes)Zedd Stars Come Out Cover Art

Zedd – Stars Come Out (Remixes)

The original mix of Zedd’s “Stars Come Out”  was a genuine pleasure to hear — the kind of tasteful, bassy electro that rumbles your chest and tickles your eardrums. The remix package, which is out today on Dim Mak, features five wildly different interpretations of the original’s core elements. Which one should you buy? Click past the break for our analysis.Zedd – Stars Come Out (Remixes)Trans

Zedd – Stars Come Out (John Dahlback Remix)

Swedish sensation and DA fave John Dahlback brings us a bloop-filled, electro inspired remix that hits acceptably hard. It’s another solid effort from Dahlback, but it’s not the best track in this package.

Zedd – Stars Come Out (Lazy Rich Remix)

Lazy Rich ramps up the size with his remix — a big-room electro banger that vibrates at all the right frequencies. If you liked the original mix, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

Zedd – Stars Come Out (Datsik Remix)

Datsik does what he does best with his screechy, wobbly dubstep remix. This isn’t the jovial Canadian at his face-meltingly filthy best, but if you like Datsik’s brand of dub, you’ll enjoy this.

Zedd – Stars Come Out (Terravita Remix)

Terravita’s dubstep remix is another enjoyable re-imagining of Zedd’s original mix. If you’re a dubstep fan, you’ll like it — it satisfies every expectation we traditionally have of the genre without being particularly innovative. If you’re not a dubstep fan, you probably won’t enjoy this.

Zedd – Stars Come Out (Tim Mason Remix)

We’ve written extensively about our love for Tim Mason. That’s why we aren’t particularly surprised that the mercurial Size Matters product delivers the best remix of the bunch. This is the kind of uplifting, melodic progressive house that made him a star. While this remix doesn’t break particularly hard, it doesn’t need to. In this case, it’s not about being overwhelmed with bass. It’s about being swept away with gorgeous, euphoric ease by an immensely talented young producer.

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