Afrojack at Ultra 2012: Lil' Jon, Shermanology, and lots of new tracks

Afrojack at Ultra 2012: Lil’ Jon, Shermanology, and lots of new tracks

Afrojack started off his headlining Ultra set by telling the crowd with a raspy voice that he “partied too hard” this week, and we’ll admit he sounded kind of tired. As soon as he picked up the magnum of Grey Goose — “my cocaine” — that was posted up right in front of the CDJs, he sprung to life, admitted he was “nervous,” and said he’d be premiering ten new tracks. When the crowd responded with a passionate roar, he declared he wasn’t nervous anymore and used his “Bangduck” intro as a backdrop. From there, it was full speed ahead: click past the jump for our full breakdown.

Afrojack Ultra Music Festival 600 8

After treating the crowd to the usual warm-up of “Bangduck” and “Polkadots,” he quickly got into new tracks, overlaying acapellas from “Feel So Close” and “Hello.” Afrojack may not have the best technical DJ skills (maybe because he drinks Goose like it’s water), but he certainly has the energy to command a crowd of thirty thousand people with incredible ease. Night three at Ultra was no different: he brought his A-game — and Lil Jon.

Afrojack Ultra Music Festival 600 11

Yes, err, “yeahhhhh.” Afrojack had Lil Jon as his emcee for the evening, and it was brought to everyone’s attention that they were bringing “that new shit.” The set was as energetic as any Afrojack set, including favorites like “Take Over Control” and “No Beef.” We sadly don’t have names for any of his new tracks, but Rihanna’s “We Found Love” was paired with a new track on Wall from ANSOL & Dyro called “Top Of The World.” Afrojack informed everyone that it was a special one-time only premiere – but if not at Ultra, then where?

Afrojack Ultra Music Festival 600 16

The night ended with a live performance from Shermanology featuring R3hab’s XS Remix of “Without You” and, of course, “Can’t Stop Me.” There was no better way for him to finish off an amazingly energetic set, and that big dance-pop drop was nothing short of incredible – one of those moments you know the DJ will remember for a long time, vodka consumption notwithstanding.

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