An afternoon with Nicky Romero and MYNC: Miami 2012, Ibiza residencies, and moreCr21

An afternoon with Nicky Romero and MYNC: Miami 2012, Ibiza residencies, and more

Nicky Romero and MYNC took a welcome respite from their busy Miami Music Week schedules to hang out atop the Perry Hotel and talk about their joint compilation album. The boys seemed grateful to get a break from incessant touring and traveling — “This week is good because I get to be in the same place for longer than a day,” Romero laughed. Instead of flying from city to city and gig to gig, they actually get a chance to reflect on the album they’ve crafted. Their individual discs each offer a unique sense of narrative, and the lengthier mixes allowed both DJs to explore the details of tracks rather than simply segueing from drop to build-up and back again. “It’s about having energy at the right time,” said Cr2’s head honcho MYNC. “You can be a bit more varied about the way you build your set.”

While we only had a few minutes with MYNC and Nicky, we made sure to ask them about upcoming tracks and tours. MYNC’s “Stadium,” which was featured on the Cr2 mix, is in talks to be picked up and re-released by Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye Records. Plus, Romero’s latest collaboration with David Guetta, “Metropolis,” is being released on March 26 — the Monday after Miami Music Week, He’s particularly excited about the track, since he “made it for WMC,” and is also looking forward to his joint Ibiza residency with Guetta this summer. Romero will play six dates with the FMIF head honcho at Pacha Ibiza, and join him at select Ushuaia dates as well.

With tracks like “Toulouse” and “Nicktim” (previously known as “Fuck School”), we have no doubt that Romero’s Ibiza sets will be nothing short of epic. Plus, It’s not as though you’ll only hear Nicky’s tracks at his own sets; as he put it to us, “Literally everything I put out right now is being picked up by everyone.” Despite the massive outpouring of support from his fellow DJs, Romero seemed as humble as ever, even revealing to us that Dancing Astronaut is almost like his “second email inbox.” Um, awesome.