Announcing our Miami Music Week hub and guide pages!Miami Music Week Guide2

Announcing our Miami Music Week hub and guide pages!

It’s officially March, people, and you know what that means: Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week will get underway very, very soon. There’s no shortage of parties to go to, clubs to check out, or DJs to see this year in Miami, but thankfully you have us to help make a little more sense of the week. First off, we’ve put together event guides for Tuesday thru Sunday, cataloguing all the parties you need to know about and presenting it to you in one convenient little package. To make it easy to find, we’re also launching our brand new Miami Music Week 2012 hub — a special landing page that’ll pull in all our Miami posts and offers up the latest Miami news from Twitter. This is just the beginning of our Miami coverage, so stay tuned for more. We’re just getting started.

Miami Music Week 2012 Hub

Event Guides

Tuesday 3/20

Wednesday 3/21

Thursday 3/22

Friday 3/23

Saturday 3/24

Sunday 3/25

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