Are you a bro? Then treat yourself to some free OWSLA brostepOWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol

Are you a bro? Then treat yourself to some free OWSLA brostep

If you’re, like, way into bro-step, bro, then you’ll love this way sick album from the bro-king of all bro-kings, Skrillex. If you’re a female or a hipster, you should stay far away from these sick drops, because there’s no way females or hipsters could possibly enjoy this style of electro. It’s just too heavy.

If you believe that people should be able to listen to whatever makes them happy, free of judgment or labeling, then you’re part of the problem. We’re explicitly forbidding you from even attempting to listen to this. If you can’t put up 225, chug Muscle Milk like it’s your job, or fist pump like our boy Dom Mazzetti, then stay the hell away. You can’t handle this heat.

This un-bro-lievable compilation features tracks from some of the heaviest, bro-iest dudes out there, including big bro 12th Planet, electro-bro Skrillex, dub-bro Flinch, blowing-up bro Porter Robinson and moombah-bro Munchi. This ain’t dubstep or electro, bros. This is bro-step, bros. Be a bro and download it. Tracklist and download link after the jump.


1. KOAN Sound feat. Foreign Beggars – Look Who’s Back
2.  The Juggernaut- Chess Fight
3. Skrillex – Ruffneck (FULL Flex) (Munchi Anonymous Revolution Remix)
4.  Porter Robinson – Vandalism (12th Planet Remix)
5.  Sazon Booya feat. Anna Yvette – Secret Heart
6.  Nick Thayer – Wake Up Call
7. Plastician – Alone Time
8. Bare Noize & Zardonic – Kill The Silence
9. J. Rabbit – A Shot Of Bruschotti
10. Flinch feat. Jamtech Foundation – Bad Boy
11. Alvin Risk – Cities
12. Topher Jones – Brohammer
13. Child In Disguise – The Drifter
14. The M Machine – No Fun Intended
15. Ghastly! feat. Arielle Williams – Funky Flex
16. culineR – Glowing Owl
17. Stratus – All For This
18. Style of Eye – Devastate
19. Two Fresh – Leaving Here

Download: Beatport