Autoerotique – Bring That Beat Back (Tiesto Edit)Tiesto LV 5488 Smooth Def Credit Stephanie Pistellr E1323453838484

Autoerotique – Bring That Beat Back (Tiesto Edit)

If you were to make a documentary about Tiesto it would have to be titled: “The Evolution of a DJ Legend.” Look back on Tiesto’s career and one thing stands out, the guy was able to adapt and change with the constantly evolving trends of EDM. Infact, there is no other DJ who has even come close to evolving at the same rate as Tiesto. Who is the first producer that comes to mind when you utter the term “EDM?” Tiesto would have to be one of the first no matter what sub-genre you listen to. We love the fact that Tiesto can get a little dirty and produce electro from time to time. Is it possible that his edit to Autoerotique’s “Bring That Beat Back” is crazier than “Maximal Crazy?” The jury is still out, but both tracks are damn good.

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