Bingo Players at Arkadia Miami: 5 tracks you need to know

Bingo Players at Arkadia Miami: 5 tracks you need to know

While Tiesto was holding down the fort at LIV Miami — we just won’t go there — a whole different kind of party was going down right below it at Arkadia. We popped by to check out the cave-like club, and were pleased to catch the end of DJ Perfecto and a very solid set from the Bingo Players. They’ve released a solid string of originals and a few pretty nice remixes since emerging onto the scene, and we were pleased with their solid selection of their own tracks and other big tracks of the moment. Keep reading for the five tracks you need to know from their set.

Bingo Players Arkadia 2

1. Bingo Players – Mode (Original Mix)

“Mode” is a track that you don’t quite expect, as it sort of creeps up on you and catches you off guard. The hypnotic hook is blended into the track so well that it doesn’t sound repetitive, but simply builds a fuller sound with every eight bar measure. This track is a winner.

2. Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little)

This was a track that got lots of play over the Summer, and it could certainly make a comeback with festival season just around the corner. Bingo Players dropped this track very early in their set, and it was a cheery, upbeat offering that we were singing along to.

Bingo Players Arkadia 1

3. Bingo Players – L’Amour (Original Mix)

Their latest release, “L’Amour” has all the makings of a huge electro track that’s just begging to be played on loud speakers. The drop is incredibly bass-heavy, and the floor was basically shaking underneath us as the sound traveled through the laser- and light-laden cave that is Arkadia.

4. Bingo Players – Rattle (Original Mix)

“Rattle” is similar to “Mode” in the sense that it has a singular repetitive hook that will stick in your head hours later, but it goes way harder. As soon as we heard the first bars of the track drop, we immediately began fist pumping.

Bingo Players Arkadia 5

5. Avicii & Nicky Romero – Nicktim

“Nicktim” might seem out of place given the previous four tracks we’ve listed, but it’s so good we thought it deserved another shoutout here. It has all the melodic elements of an amazing Avicii track, but also those touches that make Nicky Romero tracks so unique. Can’t wait for this one to be released for real.


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