Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero joined forces to bring the party to Mansion, check out what Miami had to offer

There are DJs that put together a great set. There are also DJs that can fake a few hours worth of music. The most influential people dominate the biggest clubs, because they have a certain x-factor within them. Nicky Romero falls under the “DJs you must see category,” because he absolutely destroys the decks. This has nothing to do with song selection or mixing ability — it has to do with energy. Needless to say, the adrenaline was pulsing throughout the club at an all time high. We’re going to get into a few tracks that were very important.

1. Nicky Romero – Camorra (Original Mix)

Miami is all about smooth drops and elegant delivery. “Camorra” has to be one of the cleanest engineered tracks of 2011. When the tech oriented drop hit, we all took our partying capabilities to a whole new level.

2. David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium (Nicky Romero Remix)

It’s a tough choice to pick your favorite remix out of this package, due to the fact that all of them are amazing. Nicky Romero’s electro filled drop sure as hell fills up a stadium. It meshes perfectly with Sia’s voice, which happens to resonate throughout the entire tune.

3. JackBack ft. David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Wild Ones Two (Original Mix)

(Mansion wasn’t without its fair share of elite DJs. Joachim Garraud¬†and Hardwell showing their support)

Even the most hardcore of house music fans will have to agree that the original (mainstream mix) version of this tune, appealed to a wide variety of people. As soon as the new duo of David and Nicky got together, stuff got incredibly serious.

4. Nicky Romero – Solar (Original Mix)

This is one of the more underrated tunes of the last year or so. You may not consider it a banger until it’s emitting through some huge speakers. If you thought Nicky did not have the ability to create new stuff, we highly suggest ¬†that you think again.

5. Avicii – Levels (Original Mix)

Go ahead and give us flack for this, but it’s so damn good!

Towards the end of the night (after more than a few drinks) Calvin Harris decided to crush the decks in the early morning, we’ll cover his set below.

1. Manufactured Superstars – Serious (Calvin Harris Remix)

Tech house and Miami are a match made in heaven. Calvin decided to spring this upon us and we loved it because it hits harder than most of the pop-oriented tunes he creates.

2. “Flashback” acapella — scattered throughout the set.

“Flashback” garners some serious attention, it is easily one of the most recognizable vocals in the world of EDM. We can’t even begin to tell you how many ears perked up when a glimpse of the vocals were played.

3. Calvin Harris – You Used To Hold Me (Original and Laidback Luke Remix)

We all love this tune, however, the transition from pop to hardcore electro allows us to rage.