Cazzette at Ultra 2012: 5 tracks you need to knowCazzette Ultra Music Festival 5

Cazzette at Ultra 2012: 5 tracks you need to know

Cazzette is an interesting duo for me to talk about. Ever since being taken under the wing of Ash Pournouri — the genius behind Avicii’s meteoric rise to fame — and releasing their “dubby steppy” bootleg of “Save The World” last summer, they’ve seen an incredibly fast ascent in the EDM world. I’ve literally followed Alex and Sebastian from from the release of that first track, to touring with Avicii, to playing at Pier 94 on New Years Eve, to — if you can believe it — the Ultra Music Festival Main Stage. That’s quite a lot to accomplish in less than a year, and the boys of Cazzette certainly seized their moment. I’m glad I was there to see it — and I even heard a few new songs in the process. Keep reading for five tracks you need to know.

Cazzette at Ultra 2012: 5 tracks you need to knowCazzette Ultra Music Festival 2

1. Cazzette – Blood Theme

Cazzette has proven to be quite eclectic with the tracks they make, sampling everything from Avicii to Jay-Z and Kanye West, but a television theme song was a new one to us. Inspired by the theme song to Showtime’s Dexter, “Blood Theme” had a slow opening sequence just like the TV show it comes from, but that quickly devolved into the unique mix of dub and electro elements that define Cazzette tracks.

2. Cazzette – Killmode vs Right Here Right Now (Right Click > Save… to download)

This one should be familiar to you if you’re an avid DA reader (and you are, right?), but “Killmode” is a great track that has even garnered support from the likes of Sebastian Ingrosso. What more? You can download it as a free bootleg with the “Right Here Right Now” acapella from us since we gave it away a few months back. And you said we never give away free tracks…

Cazzette at Ultra 2012: 5 tracks you need to knowCazzette Ultra Music Festival 4

3. Cazzette – Make Some Room vs Technologic (CZT’s Astounding & Standing High Bootleg)

Cazzette put the preview to this track up on their SoundCloud a few weeks back, and it offers a fresh take on the classic Daft Punk track. We like how it goes hard but not too hard, and it was a nice addition to the set. It definitely has a good vibe to it, and shows the versatility in Cazzette’s production chops.

4. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (Cazzette & Ash ‘That Shit Cray’ Mix)

Not many EDM acts these days would choose a track like “Ni**as in Paris” to remix (or let alone to include in an Ultra Main Stage set) — Laidback Luke notwithstanding — but Cazzette did it, and they did it in style. This track isn’t out just yet — that shit cray.

Cazzette at Ultra 2012: 5 tracks you need to knowCazzette Ultra Music Festival 61

5. Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Cazzette’s dubby-steppy bootleg)

This is the track that started it all: Cazzette’s first remix that we brought you exclusively late last summer and the one that first caught our attention. Much like the “Sweet Dreams” remix, this keeps the best parts of the original and instead builds complexity through grinding synths and high-pitched horns in the background.

Bonus: Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Cazzette ‘Meet At Night’ Remix)

This was one of the first tracks we ever heard from Cazzette, and we love how it maintains all the right elements of Avicii’s mix but adds in just the right amount of hard, synth-filled breakdowns that make it something unique and different. If you’ve never heard this track or aren’t that familiar with Cazzette’s music, give this a listen and you’ll get a better feel for what they’re about.

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