Cazzette – Hit Da Face (Original Mix) (Preview)CAZZETTE Trenton 005

Cazzette – Hit Da Face (Original Mix) (Preview)

The Swedish duo Cazzette has been spending its entire existence  — all of 9 months — coining and defining the genre “dub house.” Even in that short period of time they have been able to produce heavy yet upbeat remixes and originals. In conjunction with hitting 20,000 fans on Facebook, Cazzette released a new preview for “Hit Da Face,” which uses electro synths to build before dropping with a heavy, funky bass line that could even satisfy bass-haters. After creating a name by remixing Avicii songs and traveling with him on tour, it’s nice to see Alex and Sebastian starting to separate themselves. No word yet on the release date.

Via: Cazzette (Facebook)

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