Deadmau5 announces ‘mau5hax’: a day-long collaborative studio session during MMW

One notable name missing from Ultra Music Festival’s lineup this year is Deadmau5, but it looks like Joel Zimmerman won’t be skipping out on the Miami Music Week festivities completely. On March 23rd, “mau5hax” will be a day-long collaborative studio session in which five aspiring producers will get to work with the label head. In his own words, he’s avoiding the “same old shit” and instead trying to offer an inside look at actual production rather than just spinning the same tracks on stage. The whole event will be streamed online and the tracks will be made available for free download, so this could be the once-in-a-lifetime event if you have the production skills. There’s one week to apply, so pick up a case of Red Bulls, fire up Ableton, and give it your best shot.

Update: Given the initial outpouring of support for the announcement, Joel has gone on the record to say that he’s open to taking this experiment on the road.

Via: Facebook (Deadmau5)

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