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Deadmau5 – Failbait Ft. Cypress Hill

Late last night Deadmau5 announced that sometime last year he had recorded a track with Cypress Hill – yes, as in the West-coast rap group. Joel calls the track “plantstep” but it is really an old school hip hop track infused with some dub and bass.

We realize that DA is the news source for EDM but this just shows Deadmau5’s versatility and his passion for the music industry and also shows how artists like Cypress Hill are trying to stay current. Let us know what you think about “Failbait” in the comments but we think that exploring other genres helps keep artists fresh and able to produce quality music. Also important to note that this was released on Joel Zimmerman’s personal Soundcloud so it is not an “official” Deadmau5 release.

Via: Deadmau5 (Facebook)

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