Deniz Koyu at Bounce Music Festival Puerto Vallarta (review)Deniz Koyu Bounce PV 10

Deniz Koyu at Bounce Music Festival Puerto Vallarta (review)

We’ve been itching to see Deniz Koyu live for quite some time, so we had to stop by when Bounce Music Festival hosted him at Collage nightclub in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A stadium-style venue with elevated tables and a funky cage area above the stage, the spot was filled with spring breakers ready to party and experience this producer’s beats. We’ve been praising his original tracks and remixes for quite some time now, and are confident when we say he’s one of the most promising emerging producers out there. His set at Bounce was held back by a sound system with bass we wished was a bit punchier and a pretty standard light production, but it was still a solid night of music that was all over the board.

Deniz Koyu at Bounce Music Festival Puerto Vallarta (review)Deniz Koyu Bounce PV 4

Deniz kicked things off with the incredible Kaskade bootleg of “It’s You It’s Hertz” before mainstays of the moment like “Resurrection,” “Around The World,” and Third Party’s “Otherside” remix. Things got more interesting as the night developed, with a flawless bootleg of his own “Tung,” with “Sweet Disposition” and the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.” The tracks meshed well together, and flowed nicely into the equally creative “Body Language” with “We Are Your Friends.” Otto Knows’ “Million Voices” has been growing on us recently, and it’s a solid, upbeat track that made everyone around us smile. Similarly, Deniz’ remix of “My Feeling” was another crowd pleaser that granted a nice reprieve from the thumping bass of the rest of the set.

Yenson – My Feeling (Deniz Koyu Remix)

Otto Knows – Million Voices

Deniz Koyu at Bounce Music Festival Puerto Vallarta (review)Deniz Koyu Bounce PV 2

“Hydra,” “Calling,” and “Space Junk” were other nice additions to the set, but it was his and Johan Wedel’s venerable remix of  “Dangerous” that made Collage go wild. We’ve been praising the track ever since we first heard its thumping drop and powerful piano riffs. The production value of the event wasn’t the highest quality we’ve seen, but everyone around us seemed to be having a great night despite the lack of LEDs and lasers. This wasn’t a show we went to for the spectacle, but one we went to for the music. We can safely say Deniz delivered a nice set with a good stage presence, but we have a feeling he’s only going to get better and better as more people start to recognize is immense talent as a producer.

James Blunt – Dangerous (Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel Remix) 

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