Forbes weighs in on the house music phenomenon, deems it ‘here to stay and profitable’Forbes Logo

Forbes weighs in on the house music phenomenon, deems it ‘here to stay and profitable’

Forbes is the latest major publication to weigh in on the house music phenomenon, and according to them, it is “here to stay and profitable.” They discuss the evolution of the genre from 1980s Chicago clubs to the mainstream crossover, which they accredit to a previous affinity for “hip-hop music  with loud bass” — and call house music a “natural progression.” They astutely point out that “technology has had a profound impact” on EDM, including the advent of cheaper production software and social media. Forbes has even compiled its own list of “the world’s greatest DJs,” but they have wisely decided not to dish out formal rankings. It’s an interesting mix of talent new and old, including Tiesto at number four and Fatboy Slim — seriously — at nine. (If you’re looking for an EDM ranking list, we’ve got you covered, obviously.)

The rest of the article is full of generalized statements without much substance, but the fact that a magazine like Forbes is finally weighing in on the crazy is a major sign of the times. It joins the ranks of the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and even the Huffington Post that have all written stories about the meteoric rise of this new industry in the past few years. Of course, we’re thrilled that mainstream media is finally appreciating what we’ve been raving about for years, but we’re also here to reassure you that Dancing Astronaut isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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