Knife Party blocked me on Facebook at Ultra Music Festival 2012Umf Day3 8 2012

Knife Party blocked me on Facebook at Ultra Music Festival 2012

One of the most profoundly bad ass sets I have ever seen was delivered this past weekend by none other than Pendulum’s angrier alter ego, Knife Party.  I had missed them when they came through Webster Hall in NYC a few months ago and I made certain that I did not make the same mistake twice. From the moment they were introduced and an unidentifiable track blasted through the main stage’s stacks the intensity did not let up.  Their hard hitting, dark electronic style was intoxicating. The entire set was a massive amalgamation of electro, dubstep and progressive with countless bootlegs and mash-ups. After having seen Steve Aoki play his hits back to back with little inventiveness, the complexity and aggression of Knife Party’s set was a welcome change.

The energy in the air was palpable as they began spinning what we now know was South Central’s remix of “Must Be the Feeling” – an electro house, dubstep hybrid that took us completely by surprise. This one could dethrone the Delta Heavy remix as my personal favorite.

Nero – Must Be This Feeling (South Central remix)

Hard Rock Sofa’s remix of Marco V’s “Analogital” absolutely dwarfs the original in terms of sheer energy. Especially the drop at 1:55 — it set the crowd into an absolute frenzy.
Marco V – Analogital (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)

Knife Party blocked me on Facebook at Ultra Music Festival 2012Speeko13 1 2012

There aren’t many tracks that drop as hard as Knife Party’s remix of Labrinth’s “Last Time.” The vocals are dark and ominous, the breakdown is wild, and the production is flawless. This is some of Knife Party’s best work.

Labrinth – Last Time (Knife Party Remix)

“Destroy Them With Lazers” epitomizes the Knife Party sound — its loud, relentless and fun.

Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers (Original Mix)

Alvin Risk is a madman, plain and simple, and his remix of the super-poppy “Earthquakey People” transforms the sugary-sweet original into a monstrous track that moves, chops and stutters at a breakneck pace. Part moombahton, part drum and bass, this remix only supports our theory that Alvin Risk is a seriously under-appreciated producer.

Steve Aoki, Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk Remix)

Listen to the full set here: