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Nicky Romero – Se7en (Original mix)

If you were blind and listened to this song with no one giving you any background on the track who would you have guessed it was produced by?


Your answer probably should have been Hardwell at least until you heard the rib rattling drop –  one so big that it is guaranteed to blow out its fair share of speakers. “Se7en” is a testament to Nicky’s talents, proving that he can truly produce anything. “Camorra” is a big time tech-progressive tune, “Haters Gonna Hate” gave us a glimpse of some acid house, and his remix of “Titanium” was more mainstream. Nicky has the kind of talent that solidifies his staying power. Looks like house music will never trend out of style as long as we are blessed with young talents like Nicky Romero.

Editor’s Note: Expect big things from Jack Back (David Guetta and Nicky’s new collaborative name)

Via: Facebook (Nicky Romero)

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