Nitrous Oxide – Tiburon (Original Mix)Screen Shot 2012 03 22 At 12.48.15 PM

Nitrous Oxide – Tiburon (Original Mix)

Poland’s finest is back with “Tiburon,” an electro-infused variation on the core Anjunabeats sound. Krzysztof Prętkiewicz (who mercifully goes by the stage name Nitrous Oxide) has built his reputation on gentle, soothing builds, and “Tiburon” continues in that tradition — until the drop, which is much edgier and bass-infused than we’d usually expect. The track has all the complexity and layering you’d expect from a trance veteran, and the breakdown is pure trance at its tranquil best. “Tiburon” isn’t a must-have, but it does show that trance, electro, and dubstep can work in harmony. Hopefully it inspires other producers to experiment with the concept until we have a true trance banger (*ahem, Maor Levi, cough cough).

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