Paul Thomas & Weekend Heroes – Morena (Original Mix)50261991

Paul Thomas & Weekend Heroes – Morena (Original Mix)

With the sensual, soothing “Morena,” British DJ/producer Paul Thomas and Israeli duo Weekend Heroes have achieved what we previously believed was impossible. Somehow, they’ve managed to seamlessly weave the elegant pulse of tech house with the nostalgic evocativeness of trance. It’s a masterpiece.

Listening to “Morena” is like making deliberate, sophisticated love beside the ocean on a milky-white moonlit night. It builds gracefully, crescendoes beautifully, and, like all good dance music, makes you move.

Ever so often, we discover a track that gives us genuine pleasure. This is one of them. Listen to it, then listen to it again.

Paul Thomas & Weekend Heroes – Morena (Original Mix)

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