Platform breaks at Avicii show in Stockholm, minor injuries sustained (update: video)

Things haven’t been going according to plan for DA favorite Avicii. First, he endured a bout with pneumonia that caused tour cancellations and even a hospitalization. Now we’re getting reports that a platform in the VIP section at his Stockholm performance has broken and a handful of people were injured in the incident. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is: something similar happened during his performance at Neptunes Beach Club in the Hamptons this summer.

Avicii took to Facebook to clarify the matter, and a rough Google translation resulted in the following:

“Shit heard that one of the plates was raging, really hope that no one has been injured seriously! Scary to think of what could happened!”

We’ll keep you updated with anything we hear.

Update: BeatMyDay has video of the incident. It doesn’t look like the damage was too terrible (around 1:20 in), but again: rage with caution.