Roger Sanchez presents Stealth Miami at the Fontainebleau: photos, tracks, and how it went down

Merely a few hours after touching down in Miami we headed over to the Arkadia pool at the Fontainebleau, and while most people were sitting down for lunch, we were basking in sun and beats of Roger Sanchez’ Stealth Miami party. Sebastien Drums, Adrian Lux, Funkagenda, and several other openers warmed up the crowd and decks with a variety of not-easily-identified tracks — which is somewhat refreshing given the insane amount of overlap between most EDM sets these days. As much fun as it is to listen to “Levels,” “One,” “Take Over Control,” and other similarly popular songs, it’s often more fun to have to turn to a fellow partygoer and ask, “WHAT THE FMIF IS THIS?”

Hearing DJ’s who haven’t reached their peak popularity yet for the first time is always hit or miss but Sebastien Drums performed an unexpectedly standout set. He accomplished the, “WHAT THE FMIF IS THIS?” so well that we’re still wondering “what the FMIF is this” about many of the tracks he played. Luckily, we recorded some of them so hopefully we’ll have answers soon. Unlike rap or pop songs you can’t just type a lyric into Google to discover that awesome song you heard. Nope. You either have to be lucky enough to call a music nerd your friend or hope that the song will eventually find you. Shazam works too sometimes. Maybe that’s why people like “house music with lyrics” so much?

Next up was Adrian Lux who isn’t just a pretty face; he’s also a pretty good DJ. Although, a few of his transitions were rough in the beginning, he nicely scattered lesser-known songs amongst a slew of popular ones. Just as Adrian dropped Funkagenda’s own single, “Splinter,” a bespectacled Funkagenda emerged to bring in the reinforcements. He pumped the crowd back up with a high-energy selection of tracks and dance moves.

Afrojack, Dave Grutman, Rebecca & Fiona, and Paris Hilton (no comment) all made poolside appearances throughout the course of the party. Two spangled, glittering dancers flanked both sides of the stage and amped fans up a little more with each shimmy of their hips. The crowd grew larger as each hour passed, and by the time Arty took the stage the pool area was packed. His sufficiently varied set kept fists pumping and hips moving beat by beat, kick by kick. Without further ado, here are 5 tracks you need to know.

1. Swanky Tunes and Matisse & Sadko – The Legend

The Legend” added just the right amount of funk to Arty’s set and the laser sounding synths introduced a playful element to the event space.

2. Arty – Around The World

Around The World” is typically well received by any audience and the attendees of Stealth were no exception. The song easily energized the crowd causing fists to pump at a higher speed than before. Furthermore, it is a superb example of why Arty has become so highly touted by his DJ peers and music fans alike.

3. M-3ox feat. Heidrun – Beating Of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix)

As the melody dropped in several fans recognized what was about to come and began to move their fingers in time with the rhythm, all the while singing the short but cavity-inducing sweet lyrics. By the time the song was in full force even those who had never heard the song before were jumping feverishly up and down.

4. Arty – Kate

“Kate” was another easily recognizable track that elicited an especially pleased reaction from the audience. We even heard a group of people shout, “KATE! YESSSSS,” which closely mirrors our reaction.

5. Arty & Mat Zo – Rebound

Arty & Mat Zo make music to soothe the soul and after the day everyone in attendance had their was no better aural tonic to provide this. “Rebound” seemed to transport the crowd to a relaxing place as we noticed many heads flung backwards, bodies swaying, and big smiles. It’s always nice to see this type of reaction to a song because it requires a very specific and finely tuned emotionally evocative element, which “Rebound” exudes.

Roger Sanchez


Photos: Enes Kolenovic

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