Sulocki – Nit Nit (AxisONE Remix)

Sulocki – Nit Nit (AxisONE Remix)Sulocki Nit Nit Aisone Remi Werecommend2

At first listen you may think that this is an Arty creation, however, it is a remix done

by AxisONE, a Hong Kong native producer. We’ve featured him on our website before, most notably when he released “Waiting For You.” This sensitive style progressive house is catching on quickly, because people love tracks that you can flat out groove to. That being said, make sure you give this one a couple of listens before you pass your judgements — it really puts you in the mood when you get accustomed to it. AxisONE has a load of talent, and we promise to quench your progressive thirst at every opportunity possible.

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