Tocadisco feat. Julian Smith – That Miami Track (Original Mix)ARTY AROUND THE WORLD TOCADISCO REMI

Tocadisco feat. Julian Smith – That Miami Track (Original Mix)

The “legend” tag is tossed around frequently in the EDM world, but when it comes to Tocadisco, that title is well deserved. The German has been putting out quality dance music for 15 years now, and “That Miami Track” shows that he’s clearly got no intention of slowing down.

“That Miami Track” features Tocadisco’s trademark punchy beats paired with a standard major chord progression (think the intro to Afrojack’s “Take Over Control.”) Julian Smith’s vocals are sufficiently pensive, but this isn’t a melancholy track. It’s a call to action. With a relaxed crescendo and forceful electro break, “That Miami Track” is a fitting ode to the city. WMC is almost here, people. Get excited.

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