Ultra Music Festival 2012 throwback track countdown: 3 Days To GoGui Boratto E1332285493334

Ultra Music Festival 2012 throwback track countdown: 3 Days To Go

We all have different stories to tell about the music we love. As we grow more familiar with the magical world of beats and bass, our tastes evolve. Some of us begin as progressive house heads, then turn into techno fiends or trance junkies. Most of

us are initially thrilled by the immensity of the main stage; some of us grow to despise it. The magic of Ultra Music Festival, and Miami Music Week at large, is that there really is something for everyone. The sheer diversity of talent on display means that you’ll be satisfied no matter how idiosyncratic your dance music journey has been.

Only three days remain until Ultra, and our countdown is winding down. Today’s throwback track comes from Brazilian techno producer Gui Boratto — one of dance music’s most gifted composers. Boratto’s songs deal with the full gamut of the human experience, and aren’t afraid of addressing life’s big questions. Some of his tracks are awesomely beautiful. Others are genuinely terrifying. All are eminently danceable.

“No Turning Back,” from the remarkable album Take My Breath Away (2009), is poignant tale about the time’s inexorable march forward. As Boratto winds us in and out of dreamy melodies and haunting hooks, we’re gently reminded that that allure of the past should never dampen our hope for the future. We’ve all loved and lost. “No Turning Back” tells us that we shouldn’t forget to live.

Editor’s Note: Gui Boratto will perform at the UMF Ibiza Stage on Sunday, March 25 at 8PM.

Gui Boratto – No Turning Back

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